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>> Boston Grotto meeting first Wednesday of every month in Room E51-145. See http://www.bostongrotto.org

>> Trips will be announced on our mailing list. E-mail caving-request at mit dot edu to subscribe.

Trip Reports

2015 January 18: Onesquethaw Cave

2014 October 18: Onesquethaw Cave

2014 October 5: Clarksville Cave

2014 September 27 - September 28: Orientation to Cave Rescue

2014 September 12 - September 14: Fall NRO hosted by the Vermont Cavers Association

2014 August 3: Gage Cavern

2014 July 20: Boston Grotto Vertical Practice at College Rock

2014 July 13: Morris Cave

2014 July 5: Thacher Park cave locating and surveying work session

2014 June 28: Schoharie Cavern preserve work day

2014 June 7 - June 8: Hannacroix Maze, Merritts Cave, Schoharie Cavern, Barber Cave, etc.

2014 May 16 - May 18: Spring NRO hosted by Met Grotto

2014 May 10: Onesquethaw Cave

2014 April 6: Clarksville Cave

2013 December 14: Crossbones Cave

2013 December 13: Clarksville Cave

2013 September 28 - September 29: Onesquethaw, NCC Barn Dance, Schoharie, and Gage

2013 September 20 - September 22: Fall NRO hosted by SCAG

2013 September 15: Knox Cave

2013 July 14: McFail's Cave

2013 July 13: Merlin's Cave

2013 July 5 - July 13: National Cave Rescue Commission Weeklong Seminar

2013 May 17 - May 19: Spring NRO hosted by the Boston Grotto

2013 April 27: Hasbrouck and Delaware Mines with the Boston Grotto (led by the Central Connecticut Grotto)

2013 April 20: Clarksville Gregory Entrance cleanup with the NCC

2013 Spring Break: West Virginia

2013 March 17: Ella Armstrong

2013 March 3: Clarksville

2013 March 2: Sellecks Preserve

2013 February 18: Clarksville

2013 February 17: Freedlyville Quarry with the Boston Grotto

2013 February 3: Bentley's and Dry Valley

2013 February 2: Ella Armstrong

2013 January 12: Onesquethaw

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Helpful Info

If you are part of the MIT community (defined very loosely) and would like to find out about upcoming trips and other MIT Caving Club activities, you can subscribe to our mailing list. Athena users may subscribe by typing:
mmblanche caving -add $USER

Other users may be subscribed or unsubscribed by sending a request to NOSPAMcaving-request@mit.eduNOSPAM. (Don't forget to remove "NOSPAM" from the address before sending.) If you are not MIT-affiliated, we'll probably refer you to the Boston Grotto, a great group (linked below).

Introduction To Caving

Caving or spelunking as non-cavers call it, is many things. The reasons why people go include adventure, sport, scientific study, companionship, fun, and other things as varied as the individual cavers. It is one of the few sports in which you can go places no one has ever been before.

The most commonly asked question is probably "What do you find down there?" The answers are as varied as the caves themselves: mud; beautiful rock formations and rubble; water and dust; vast rooms and tight crawlways; awesome rivers and puddles; strange and fragile animals; deep pits and waterfalls; ice and warm water; and of course, strange people. (READ MORE)

Gear: What You Need

Being prepared with the right supplies is essential for a pleasant and safe trip caving. CLICK HERE to find out what to bring.

Gear: Where To Get It

Click here to see a longer list of suppliers

Vertical Caving


Rope Calls Information


National Speleological Society
NSS Cave Diving Section
Virtual Cave, a picture filled guide to cave formations
Northeastern Cave Conservancy
Northeastern Regional Organization (NRO)
Vermont Cavers Association
D.C. Grotto
Met Grotto
National Caves Association, information on all major USA commercial caves
Potomac Speleological Club
GORP's Caving Resources on the Internet: links to other grottos and caving organizations
Long and deep caves of the world

Not Spelunking, But Related Links
Undercity Urban Exploration Site
Infiltration Urban Exploration

Current Officers


President: Emily TenCate

Treasurer: Ellena Popova

Secretary: Sarah Warkander

Webmaster(s): Joshua Horowitz & Chris Merrill

From back in the day...

???: TJ Wilkason

???: James Douberley

???: Clarion Hess

???: Rachel Bowens-Rubin

The Goddamn Batman: Sid Creutz

Director of Underground Contingency Operations: Kristina Brown

Fearless Leader: Liz George

Commander-in-Chief: David Lafferty

Supreme Dictator: Karen E. Robinson

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