Clarksville - 12/13/2013

Cavers: dRachel, gil, Ivan, Sadun, Alex

n-1 of us met at the student center at 9:00, and then n of us met at the SE corner of East Campus a half hour later. A couple minutes of small talk was enough to put everyone to sleep, except Gil and dRachel, who sang musical numbers for what I (having slept) can only guess must have been the entire 4-hour drive to Clarksville.

The Clarksville gas station was a good place to discover that Ivan's wetsuit was about 40 poundsworth too small, and that he couldn't really lift his legs more than a foot. Some grumbling about the Caving Club's supplies later, I bought a large quantity of cookies before realizing that they would get crushed in the cave, and left them in the car when we entered the Warde entrance at about 2:00pm.

We proceeded roughly in a straight line to the lake room, because after we'd made it about halfway, we decided that every detour we could investigate _might_ be the Thook entrance, which we would probably leave through, and so we should investigate it on the way back. Along the way we saw many pretty things and couldn't figure out why all the ripples in the rocks were roughly golf-ball-sized. Once at the lake room, we all got very wet, ate some food, and decided to leave through the Gregory entrance instead.

The way to the Gregory entrance was most notable for the headfirst spiral chute. It was almost as fun to watch peoples' incredulous reactions to it as it was to go through it. It got colder and colder as we got closer and closer to the Gregory entrance, and when we got to the sump, dRachel spent enough time getting herself wet and cold determining that the exit was clear to go through and unsumped that we decided to turn around and leave through the Warde entrance after all.

We emerged into the cold, dark snow, jogged back to the car, and changed outside next to a diner. (There was a car in between the naked bodies and the diner, I think.) After eating cookies and driving for a while to the Book of Mormon soundtrack, we stopped at a pizza place which looked like it also was a sports bar. It turned out to be a pizza place, sports bar, and a bowling alley. Ivan and Gil are exceptionally good bowlers.

Decon took an hour or two, but eventually I got my pajamas back.

Report by Sadun