Rope Calls

These are the calls used by the Eastern Region of the National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC).

Everyone stops what they're doing. Belayers belay.

Some object is falling. Anyone in the fall zone should hide under their helmets, trying to minimize their cross-sectional area. Do not look up!

ON ROPE (state which rope)
"I am attaching myself to the rope. Everyone else stay off of it." This is not a call for a belay.

Shouted before throwing a rope off the top of a cliff as a warning to people below. If thrower cannot see the bottom, wait 5 seconds before throwing.

ROPE _____ (e.g., "ROPE 2")
"Yes, I heard your call for rope #2 and will keep it clear of others." Position is from the left as you face the cliff.

ON BELAY (stated by rappeller)
"I need a belay on this rope." (never belay someone unless they request it or are falling.)

BELAY ON (stated by belayer)
"You now have a belay."

BELAY OFF (stated by rappeller)
"Stop belaying. It's no longer necessary."

OFF BELAY (stated by belayer)
"You're no longer being belayed."

RAPPELLING (stated by rappeller)
"I'm coming down the rope now. Be ready to assist me as necessary."

RAPPEL ON (stated by belayer)
"I understand you are rappelling and am ready to belay you as needed."

"I am no longer attached to the rope and anyone else is free to attach to it."

Take up all of the slack and hold on--a possible fall is anticipated or the rappeller is out of control. The belayer should echo this call back.

"I am ascending now."

"Go ahead and ascend when ready."

"Let off the tension (slowly). You are holding the rope too tightly."

Equipment is being lowered, attached to a rope and under controlled descent or stopped. Stand clear of the fall zone.

The climber is locked off and is not likely to fall.

The climber feels himself/herself falling. The belayer should belay immediately if not already doing so.

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