Clarksville - April 2009

Cavers: Decker, Megan, Elizabeth, Caleb, Sam, Lina, Shane
Several members of Gamelan Galaktika (MIT's balinese gamelan group- went on a caving trip to Clarksville after an overnight stay in Cooperstown for a concert. The late night after the concert was made up for by an extra hour of sleep from the caving gods (daylight savings).

Megan and I had been there once before (my first caving trip!), but we all went for a good hike trying to remember how to get to the cave.

We went around in the cave for a while, then tried to find our way to the Lake room. It had been raining the previous day, and the water which had been ~mid-calf height before was know much higher and faster. This was sad, but we went and poked around more of the dry parts of the cave.

After we got out and changed, we found the diner to be still open, so we enjoyed some delicious hot food.