July 2007

Trip Report

Cavers: Liz, Dave, Jarek, Scott, Josh

I made a deal with Dave. He would go caving with me on Saturday if I would bike a century with him on Sunday. It turned out that the century completely destroyed me (don't ride that far without training), but luckily the caving trip was first, so I got to drag everyone through my favorite parts of Clarksville.

We started out doing the Ward half of the cave. We visited the lake room, and then exited through the Thook entrance for a quick break. I don't think anyone was expecting the crawling through tight passages filled with mud and water, but after much griping about how World War I must have sucked (stupid trenches), we made it outside.

We finished up the day going through the Gregory half of the cave, where we ran into a group of 10 year-old kids and their cave leader. After we crawled through the freezing water in the sump, we heard little kids behind us crying about how cold the water was, and the leader yelling, "If you ever want to be a navy seal you are going to have to learn to suck it up!"

It was a good trip, and we all survived. Horray!