3 September 2005

Trip Report

Cavers: Rod, Safia, David, Mitch, Tucker, Liz

After a rockin party and a little less than 3 hours of sleep, we dragged our asses out of bed at 6:30 am to hit the road. Most people slept, (except those of us driving) on the way there, and we arrived at the cave without incident. We met the "curator" of the cave in the parking lot, and then proceeded to the cave.

Once in the cave, we proceeded through the Ward half to the lake room. David pointed out that we could either climb around the lake, or go right through it. We all opted to climb around, after we asked how deep the water was, and David responded while walking through it, in progressivly higher pitched tones, "Oh, about waist deep, higher than waist deep, higher than waist deep!" David sent Safia and I (naive cavers at this point) down a tunnel in the room behind the lake room which terminated in a squeeze too tight for either of us to fit through.

On the way back out of the cave, Mitch, Rod, and Tucker were distracted by the thook entrance and began to explore it, after being warned to not go to far, since we weren't leaving that way. After awhile, they stopped responding to our calls, and David sent me to find them. I found them almost at the exit of the cave, so we proceeded out for a bathroom break. Behind us, I heard David and Safia cursing as they twisted their way through the tiny passage. After that, we were all tired and exhausted, so took a quick trip to the other entrance to the Gregory half, and then called it a day.

After the trip, on the way home, a police officer pulled me over and asked if I'd been drinking. After explaining about the lack of sleep and the long drives and the caving, he took a look at the muddy cavers and told us to be careful and get out of his state. I'm just glad Tucker didn't get out of the car to pee like he wanted too. Then I'm sure we would have spent a night in jail.

Thus ends another caving adventure.