People: Dave, Jason, Olivia, Hong, Yoko, Daniel, Goutam, Karen

we went caving last weekend. this isn't such a great weekend to go caving, according to Emily Davis, because there's so much water. BUT that means that Clarksville Cave was full of water. When we got halfway down the initial descent, we could hear it rushing through the big room. And, in the first passages where I've seen maybe a couple inches of water other times, the water was at least two feet deep.

That night we stayed in this shell of a place, the Gage Caverns Field House. Evidently it's a work in progress. Next time we'll have to stay at the cabin outside Schoharie Caverns -- more posh, but you have to sleep on the floor.

The next day we went to Schoharie Caverns. Hong took some pictures. Like all the books say, it's "primarily a single vadose canyon," with ceiling heights of up to 80 feet.

Everyone saw the surface around McFail's, and I also saw the surface around Knox cave. Both had some stunning ice waterfalls. By all descriptions, McFail's would be a great cave to go to, but to get permission you have to have a trip leader who's good and familiar with the area -- knows the locations of both exits, and how to get to them from anywhere in the cave. so yeah, we should see if someone from the boston grotto or speleobooks wants to guide us. ... by karen Thu, 27 Mar 2003 18:25:32 krobinso